Landing page design to generate more leads and sales

Finding it difficult to get enough conversion from your landing page design? The main goal of a landing page design is to convert your website visitors into leads and generate sales and revenue.

If your current landing page design is not able to give you enough leads and conversion than its time to split test your landing page with a more well executed and optimized landing page design.  If you need more leads and customers then you need to provide your website visitors with user friendly and clean landing page designs which has the ability to provide information about your product or services you are promoting in a proper way.  Your landing page design should be informative as well as attractive to seek attention of potential customers.

Here the basic elements of a converting landing page design : 

Strong Headline

landing page design headline
landing page design headline

Your landing page design headline on top of the page is perhaps the first thing that catches attention of every visitor so your headline should be simple, direct and communicate a direct message to your visitors.

Small Lead Capture Form

landing page small lead capture form
landing page small lead capture form

Forms used on the landing page design are very essential to capture leads. Form should be kept short and simple as much as possible as for the visitors long forms are like hurdles.

Small forms have proved to have gathered more conversions then the large forms.  Small form fields capture more leads and increase conversion.

Call To Action button above the fold

landing page design CTA button above the fold
CTA button above the fold

Call to action button above the fold and the text used on the buttons are very effective, the call to action button text should be more specific you are about the action like Submit details, Enter now, Request a FREE quote etc.

Easy to understand content

landing page content
landing page content

Landing page content is a key factor of attracting potential customers. If you provide informative and easy to understand content in your landing page it is most likely to increase your landing page conversion rate.

Trust Seal

Trust seal can be used on the landing page design to split test your conversion rates.


effect of video on landing page conversion
effect of video on landing page conversion

Implementing a video on the landing page can have an impact on you landing page design conversion. Video implementation has shown a positive effect on landing page design conversion. Video can be split tested with any graphics of the page like  video can be used to explain “how it works” section of the landing page.



Testimonials can be audio testimonial, video testimonials in simple text format. Video testimonials have special impact on the visitors.

Call to Action Button

landing page design call to action button
landing page design call to action button

Large call to action button on the bottom of the page is a very important in converting leads. Buttons usually have a higher CTR than plain text links.

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