Are you still using old trend landing page designs?

Are you still using old trend landing page designs?

Need a modern trend landing page?

Landing page trends have changed nowadays and if you are still using old trend landing pages then you are giving your conversions a miss. So, modern trend landing pages are clean with minimum use of heavy graphics so it loads fast on all browsers.

Auto financing lead capture landing page


Using the right color combination is an important factor in creating the visual look and feel of the landing page. The look and feel of the landing page creates a first impression of the landing page on the visitors.

Beauty product call to action landing page


Images used on the landing page especially the main image or the brand image on the top of the landing page is another important factor of a successful landing page.

Debt fix free quote lead capture landing page


So, customers form an opinion about your landing page when they land on your page within seconds without going through the entire landing page and details provided on the page only on the basis of the look and feel of the website within few seconds.

Health insurance call to action landing page


Many factors affecting the look and feel of a landing page are

  • structure of the landing page – Structure of a landing page is very important in deciding the final outcome or look and feel of the website.

E commerce call to action landing page

  • colors used on the landing page – Colors used on a landing page design plays an important role in how your visitors will react, they will convert or leave?

If a visitor has to strain the eyes to read the content on a website then he is sure to leave. Using a contrast color can help you highlight the main elements of the landing page in front of your visitors.

Real estate contact us lead capture landing page

  • spacing between the sections and content – So, modern landing page trends provides huge spacing between contents and sections, so there is a difference between the two sections as each section is unique and provides a different message. Space can be used to separate two elements of a design and make it clean as well as beautiful.

CCTV security lead capture landing page

  • Amount of content provided on the landing page – Long landing pages usually have lots of content, how the content is organized and presented on the landing page also affects its conversion rate.

Life insurance call to action landing page

  • font used in the design – Designers take the utmost care in selecting the proper font for design as the choice of the font makes an impact on the overall look and feel of the landing page.
  • The size, color, and type of font used is a very important factor of a converting design.  Usually, the main title has a bigger font and the secondary title is a bit smaller than the main title font size and so on.

Google money lead capture landing page

  • Call to action button size and color – The main goal of a landing page is conversion and call to action buttons are the main elements of conversion.
  • We need to use proper size, design, texture, and content on the button to make it convert well. The button should convey a clear message to the visitors to convert.

Employment opportunities call to action landing page


Body building lead capture landing page


Payday loan lead capture landing page


Laser hair removal contact us lead capture landing page


Low testosterone center lead capture landing page


Medical company clean lead capture landing page


Testosterone boost free trial bottle lead capture landing page


Dating join now lead capture landing page


E commerce call to action landing page


Plastic surgery contact us lead capture landing page


Real estate attractive and converting lead gen landing page


Work from home minimal call to action landing page


A positive first impression of a landing page leads to more conversion. So give your landing page a modern look and feel and boost your conversion rate effectively.

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