Bank landing page designs added to buylpdesign

We have added bank landing page designs to our gallery. You can check all bank page landing page designs for your product bank approval here :

If you need to get bank approval for your product then you can easily use our affordable, professional and clean bank landing pages. You can use our bank page landing pages for your products like skin care products, beauty products, weight loss products, bodybuilding products, hair loss products, male enhancement product and other product you want to promote in your marketing campaign.

On bank landing page design you will get main page + order page + thanks page design preview with html/css files as well as fonts and jpeg preview of design. 4 popup pages like terms and conditions page, privacy page, ingredient page and contact us page are included.

Below is an examples of beauty product bank page landing page design.

Main page preview

Order page preview


Thanks page preview



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Buylandingpagedesign is now responsive is now responsive 🙂 so you can easily access our website from any device you want. Browse your favorite landing page designs from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop and start purchasing the designs you want easily.

We are still working on some issues so if you find out any bugs or errors please email us. Below is the index page design preview for buy landing page design templates website-

Buy landing page design website template design preview
The best mobile responsive converting website selling website templates and landing page designs on affordable price.

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15 best conversion oriented responsive landing page design

Why losing on your conversion rate when you can get good conversion rate by spending less?

Our clean and professionally designed mobile responsive landing pages have proven to improve conversion rates of many affiliate marketers. Our landing page designs are clean and easy to navigate.

We create stunning mobile friendly responsive landing page design to launch your business and create a positive impression of your business in the online world. You can use our 100% responsive landing page design to capture email leads, to sell a product or subscription etc.

Body building video responsive landing page design template

Clean and easy to edit small lead capture video landing page design.


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Credit report landing page design added to buylpdesign is the best and biggest landing page designs selling website to create a professional landing page design for your business success.

Our conversion optimized & mobile responsive landing page design converts your business into next level by generating quality leads. Now a days credit report and credit score is by far the single most essential document in everyone’s financial life. Everyone like to know everything about credit report so he/she can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! So the prospect of credit report generation business is very good in coming days.

Purchase and download credit report landing page design to start your new business today.

Promote your services like credit monitoring, credit counseling, credit report check, credit score checking and free credit report through our beautifully designed converting credit report landing page design to boost your business sales. Having credit is not necessarily a bad thing, and having good credit is ideal for everyone. Consumers can check out their credit standings by ordering their free credit report from several financial institutions.

Some of our credit report landing page design samples below:

Immediate and secure access of your credit report lead gen converting video landing page design best practice


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Tax landing page design added to buylpdesign

We have added one more popular category to our gallery –  “Tax“. On this tax landing page design category you can see various types of tax html landing pages like tax advice service, tax relief service, tax consulting service, income tax return, professional tax files etc.

We design our landing pages by keep in mind it’s conversion. So each design element like tag line, lead capture form, call to action button are clean, visually appealing and attractive.

Use our conversion centered professional tax landing page to gather leads for your tax consultations professional business services.

Below is an examples of American’s online tax in advance business service:

American’s online advance tax service lead gen landing page design templates


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Ecommerce landing page design added to buylpdesign

An eCommerce landing page design is your opportunity to make a positive and effective impression in front of your website visitor and convert them into returning customers. Showcase your products and sell them using our beautifully designed landing pages.

Our professionally designed converting eCommerce landing page design deliver a clear message to the visitor about the main purpose of landing page design and gives your product a beautiful visual look.

At the time of designing a landing page we keep in mind the purpose of the landing page and current market trends to make the landing page visually appealing and high converting by using relevant tagline and stock photo. Boost your eCommerce business sales with our conversion centered professional eCommerce landing page design.

Below is an examples of online sun-glass store eCommerce landing page design to increase conversion rate for your business marketing campaign.

Online store eCommerce landing page

online store call to action landing page design at a very reasonable and affordable price from buy landing page design to increase leads, sales and conversion for your business marketing.

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