What is a Ready to Use Template License?

What is a Ready to Use Template License?

Ready to Use Template means customized template as per your requirements.

We will customize your chosen landing page with your content, logo and images.

Activate the contact form so you can start capturing leads, you can also use an auto responder code for the form.

If you select a call to action landing page, then you can place your affiliate link or other links on the Call To Action buttons.

You can change the form fields of the landing page as per your requirements.

Implement tracking code as well as live chat code as per your business needs.

Once completed, we will upload the file to your hosting space.

In short, we will personalize the template and make it ready to use. After the customized template is uploaded to your hosting space you can start capturing leads without any further delay.

  • Please note that “Ready to Use Template” does not include – Multi-step form validation, calculators, programming, shopping cart, payment integrations, etc.
landing page package package start from $9.99/Month

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