73 best selling landing page designs of top categories

Landing page designs are very important for greater conversion rate, each and every product and services needs a landing page design to gain maximum online exposure and conversion.

Landing pages are very effective in capturing your visitors information through a lead capturing form. You can have a small or a long lead capture form on your landing page design according to your requirements.

Choosing the best landing page design for your product and services can be quiet confusing and difficult at times so I am showcasing here the best selling landing page designs of 2015 from all the categories of buylandingpagedesign.com to help you make a decision on which landing page design can get you maximum conversion and what converts well in today’s market.

Below are 73 best selling landing page designs of 2015 from top most categories:

Agriculture landing page design


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Are you still using old trend landing page designs?

Landing page design trends have changed now a days and if you are still using old trend landing page design then you are giving your conversions a miss. Look and feel of the landing page design plays an important factor in conveying the message about your product and services to your visitors.

Modern trend landing pages are clean, user friendly and minimal with minimum use of graphics so that it loads fast on all browsers. Too much use of images, graphics and colors are avoided so visitors don’t get distracted and not diverted from their original goal of conversion.

Auto financing lead capture landing page design


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Best converting lead generating landing page design 2015

Get the best converting landing page designs at a very low and affordable price from us, we have a huge collection of 1600+ designs added to our online store.

We have wide range of variety in lead capture and call to action designs whether you want a heavy graphics design, professional design, attractive and colorful design or a simple and minimal design you will get it on BuyLandingPageDesign.com

Check some of our design samples below:

Skin care solutions landing page design


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50 best landing page designs trusted by top online marketers

How top internet & affiliate marketers choose landing pages for their product and services?

Buylandingpagedesign.com is the trusted source of landing page designs of top most internet and affiliate marketers.

Here is how they select the best landing page designs for their product and services to get the best conversion possible.

1. The landing pages needs to be beautifully designed yet simple so visitors don’t get distracted with too much graphics.

2. Clear and strong call to action buttons

3. Clean and easy to navigate design

4. Bullet points to showcase the benefits of using the product or service wherever necessary.

5. Short and precise lead capture form or call to action buttons as the ultimate goal of a landing page design is to capture and convert the traffic into leads.

6. Enough space to place content regarding the product or services as the users need to know about the benefits and details of your offering before they would want to use it.

7. Testimonials from some reputed persons or companies which your visitors can trust.

8. Trust seal and Featured on badge to increase trustability among visitors.

9. Unique content

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Landing page design example for 2014

Best landing page design example for inspiration 2014 from https://www.buylandingpagedesign.com/

We have around 1000+ converting landing page design to increase your traffic and capture leads. Convert your visitor into positive leads and boost sale of your product and services by using our easy to edit and converting landing page designs from https://www.buylandingpagedesign.com/landing-page-design/

Feel free to browse and purchase any landing page design that fit your requirement. If you like to do any customization you can do it. We also provide customization and form validation service at extra cost. Below are some best converting landing page design with there respective category :

Anti snoring landing page design

Promote your anti snoring product online for higher conversion by using our effective and clean anti snoring landing page design template from https://www.buylandingpagedesign.com/landing-page-design/anti-snoring/

Below is an example of clean and effective anti snoring lead capture landing page design:

Lead capture anti snoring landing page design template examples from http://www.semanticlp.com/category/lead-capture-landing-pages/
Lead capture anti snoring landing page design template examples from


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