Design Customization Service

Design Customization Service

Need a one-time customization service?

Don’t worry we have a solution to all your requirements, check out our one-time customization packages below:

Customization Package Basic Standard Platinum
Form validation Yes Yes Yes
Content Update Yes Yes Yes
Image change Yes Yes
PHP Form Validation + thanks page Yes Yes
Logo Update Yes Yes Yes
Font change Yes
Analytics code implementation Yes Yes Yes
Live chat code implementation Yes Yes Yes
Video implementation Yes
Text block removed/added Yes
File Upload Yes Yes Yes
Select Customization Package

Choose your customization package here, make payment and send us an email with your purchased design files and other details.

If none of the above customization packages suits your requirements then you can get in touch with us with your customization requirements and we will get back to you with our best prices.

Annual Customization Package

Our Customization Package is perfect for those who are not tech-savvy or just need help knowing how and where to start.

As you might already know that conversion rate is not the same for everyone, as it depends upon many numbers of factors apart from landing page or website design. You need to keep split testing your landing pages/website design elements to see which one converts the best with your audience.

Split testing is the most important factor for conversion.

So, we are providing annual maintenance package to our customers those who want to split test their landing pages/website design from time to time.

DetailsAnnual Customization Package
DomainYour Domain Name, Need One – Book Now
Hosting Your Hosting Space, Need One – Book Now

Our Annual Customization Package includes:

  • Content update
  • Image/graphics change
  • Fonts change
  • Call to action button added
  • Menu added
  • Text and Background color change
  • Video inserted
  • Code integration
  • Image replaced by video or vice versa
  • File upload
  • Form validation
  • Form fields update
  • Text block removed or added.
  • On-page SEO (keyword, metatag, description, alt, title)

Landing Page – $299/year (15 FREE updates)

Website Design – $499/year (25 FREE updates)

How to use our customization services:

  • Purchase any template you like
  • Select a customization package – one time or annual maintenance package as per your requirements
  • Email us the details and relax while our experts work on the template.