Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase and Download FAQ

Why should I purchase a Ready To Use Template?
Just select a great design, get it customized with your information, and start capturing leads then ready to use templates are for you. They are affordable.

Why should I purchase a Ready To Use Template from Buylandingpagedesign.com?
Buylandingpagedesign.com provides you high-quality ready to use Landing Pages, PPV Design, and Website Designs at a very reasonable and affordable price.

How do I benefit by buying ready to use Landing Pages and Website designs?
You get a high quality template customized as per your requirements at a very low price.

What files do I receive on purchasing a Template?
Please check our template description page for details about files included with the template.

How do I know if the template is responsive or not?
On our template description page, you can see files included section it clearly mentions whether the template is responsive or non-responsive.

For eg: These are responsive files: (Bootstrap HTML/CSS + Fonts) and (Responsive HTML/CSS + Fonts)

This is non responsive file: Landing Page (Non-Responsive HTML/CSS + Fonts)

Do you provide hosting, customization and maintenance service?
Yes, our design packages include hosting, customization, and maintenance service.

I need some customization on the Landing Page or Website Design I purchased, how much you will charge for the edits?
Please get in touch with us with your customization requirements and we will get back to you with a quote and time frame.

What is your refund policy?
For our refund policy please refer to our website terms and conditions page.

Do you offer any discount offers or freebies?
Yes, visit our coupon page for information about our ongoing offers.

How frequently you upload new Landing Pages and Website templates?
We upload new landing pages and website templates on a regular basis.

Can I edit the landing page and website templates I purchased?
Yes, you can edit your purchased landing page design and website templates according to your requirements. You can edit the templates in any HTML editor.

I would like to purchase a landing page or website design but it is not available on your website anymore.
If a template you are looking for is no more available on our website then it means the template has been sold out for an exclusive price. You can try to find out similar templates in our collection or order a custom design according to your requirements.

How do I purchase a Landing Page or Website Design from buylandingpagedesign.com?
You can Create a FREE account with us and add any Landing Page, PPV Landing Page or Website Design you want to purchase to your shopping cart and purchase it with your preferred payment method.

What source file do I get on purchasing a landing page and website?
The Source files are mentioned on the buy now and preview page of each template.

I purchased a Single Site/Buyout license, when will I receive the download link?
Download link of your purchased template will be sent to your registered email address within 24 hours of successful completion of the transaction.

Can I make a bulk purchase?
Yes, you can make a bulk purchase.

Do I get a bulk purchase discount?
Yes, if you want to make a bulk purchase of 5 designs and above you can surely ask for your discount coupon.

I want to purchase a landing page design or website template but I cannot make payment via the methods on the website?
In that case, please email us and we will try to find some alternate options.

What do you mean by “Remove or change footer link” on buy now page of the template?
If you select the “Remove or change footer link” option then you get the right to remove or change the footer credit link from the purchased template.

If I purchase a template, will it be a one time charge or a monthly charge?
It is a one time payment only, there are no monthly or hidden charges.

Custom Design Service FAQ

What custom design services do you provide?
We provide custom design services like website design, website redesign, landing page design, logo design, header design, banner design, PSD to HTML/CSS conversion, e-mail creative, graphics design, Facebook cover design etc.

What are your custom design charges?
Custom design charges depend upon your requirements, you can request a FREE quote for your custom design project with your detailed requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

What is your normal turn around time for custom design?
Our normal turn around time is 2 to 3 business days.

What is your payment policy for a custom design?
The payment policy is 50% upfront and rest 50% before coding.

Where can I see your custom design portfolio?
You can see all our services custom design portfolio on our website.

Design Package FAQ

What is a Special Design Package?
Special design packages are for those who are looking for a one-stop solution to their requirements. Our design packages include hosting, customizations as well as maintenance of your web page. Our experts will take care of everything mentioned in our package details.

Do you provide domain and hosting services?
Yes, we provide domain booking separately as well as a few other services.

Do you provide the domain with your packages?
No, you need to purchase the domain name separately. Our packages do not include a domain name

I have purchased a landing page basic package, can I purchase the additional maintenance package for customizations when I need?
Yes, you can purchase the additional maintenance package.

Can I cancel the package subscription anytime I want?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. No questions asked.

What happens if I cancel?
You’re free to cancel at anytime! When you do, your current plan will last until the end of your billing cycle.

Do I need to purchase the template I want to use with my package?
No, you don’t need to purchase the template separately. We include the template with our packages.

Do you include SSL with the landing page basic package?
Yes, SSL is included with all packages.

Can I use a template exclusively with my package?
Yes, you can use any template you like exclusively with your package, you just need to purchase the template with Buyout License.

Is it possible for me to chose another template after using one for a few months?
Yes, it is possible. You just need to purchase the template you want to use.

What if I need updates after I have used all my free updates?
Even if you have used all your free updates there is no need to worry because we have an additional maintenance package for our package users.